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Popularization of science activities such as popular lectures, seminars,Training Programmes and science exhibition for school and college students. The following programmes have been organised by the Science City through which around thousand people benefited.

S. No. Date Name of the Training Topic / Record room File Details of Programme Photo
1 08.08.2022 to 12.08.2022 Hands on training in Laboratory Techniques in Animal Sciences and Biotechnology – Five Days In order to help students pursuing higher education in Zoology and Biotechnology in Government and Government Aided Colleges develop expertise on basic techniques in modern biology, expand their knowledge on laboratory experiments & instrumentation and motivate their interest towards recent developments in Zoological Science the course was organized. The course was designed in such a way that the students are exposed to the basics and advanced levels of Laboratory experimentation and hands-on working experience in the following laboratory techniques;
1. Extraction of proteins from eukaryotic animal tissues
2. Extraction of nucleic acid from eukaryotic animal tissues
3. Spectrophotometry
4. Quantification of proteins
5. Quantification of genomic DNA
6. Separation and analysis of proteins by gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)
7. Separation and analysis of genomic DNA by agarose gel electrophoresis
8. Post electrophoretic analysis – Determination of molecular weight and quantification
9. PCR amplification process Course
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2 16.08.2022 to 20.08.2022 Hands on Workshop on Techniques in Nano-materials preparation - Five Days The programme was organized to provide hands-on training in Laboratory Instrumentation techniques and also to motivate students of UG final year and PG students pursuing Physics, Chemistry, Material science and Biotechnology in Government and Government Aided Colleges to take up careers in Science. The program included theoretical as well as hands-on training on the following techniques:
1. Wet Chemical Approaches
2. Spin coating and Spray coating Approaches
3. Spectrophotometry
4. Electrospinning technique
5. Introduction on Electro chemical work station
6. Visit to Cell Culture Laboratory
7. Characterisation of different nanomaterials through softwares Synthesis of Carbon dots from bio-mass
8. Synthesis of nanomaterials from co-precipitation method
9. Fabrication and characterization of different
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3 22.09.2022 to 23.09.022 National Conference on Native Chicken in association with TANUVAS The National Conference was organized with the prime objectives of:
1. Providing a platform for scientists, researchers, students, poultry entrepreneurs, management personnel, extension workers, planners, decision makers and other stake holders all over India
2. Sharing expertise and experiences, discuss issues and concerns related to traditional methods of poultry production, feeding, economics, etc.,
3. Suggesting strategy to overcome the constraints for augmenting rural poultry production for employment generation and nutritional security through poultry farming.
The conference covered the areas of Genetics and Genomics, Physiology and Nutrition, Farming Systems, Health and Biosecurity, Post-harvest technology, economics and marketing, Farmers – Scientists Interface
Coming Soon
4 28.09.2022 to 29.09.2022 Transitioning from Campus to Career The objectives of organizing the programme was to
1. to create awareness about the multitude of Higher Education programs and how to qualify and apply for them,
2. Provide vital information on the necessary skill sets for maximizing employability,
3. Motivate the students with respect to the research opportunities in Chemistry and inter-disciplinary fields and
4. Inform about the choice and procedures to pursue and entrepreneurial journey.
The seminar was organised on the following topics:
1. Higher Education: Programmes in India and Abroad, Competitive Exams and scholarships.
2. Placement: Core knowledge, Communication Skills, allied skills, CV writing, How to face interviews.
3. Entrepreneurship: Training need, starting business, loans and government schemes
4. Opportunities Institutions to aim for, entrance exams, research plan
5. Motivational Talk
6. Lab Session – Demonstration of Analytical Characterisation techniques, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR), Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Attenuated total reflection – Infra red Spectroscopy (ATR – IR) and Thermal Analysis
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5 31.10.2022 to 04.10.2022 Workshop on Natural Disasters and Management The prime objectives of organizing the programme was to:-
1. To explore the challenge in the various aspects of Disaster Management
2. To highlight the various opportunities in Disaster Management for pursuing higher studies
3. To educate the participant on their role and responsibility at the time of Natural Disaster.
The workshop comprised the following topics:
1. Introduction to Natural Disaster
2. Origin, characteristics & Mitigation of Earthquakes & Tsunami
3. Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Disaster Risk Modeling
4. Risk Assessment & Early Warning Systems in India
5. Flood Mitigation Strategy using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques
6. Origin, causes & characteristics of floods, cyclones and storm surges
7. Thirty Years of Natural Disasters and their Impacts
8. Landslides, Drought and Wildlife – Types, Causes and mitigation
9. Do’s & Don’ts during various disaster – Awareness, Mitigation & Recovery Measures in India
10. Worldwide Trends in application of DM strategies, Participation of Community and stake holders in DM Plans
11. Anthropogenic disaster – Origin and causes
12. Impacts of disasters – Natural resources, Ecosystems. Environment and Society
13. Worldwide Trends in applications of DM Strategies
14. Environmental Radioactive Hazards in Coastal Sediments
15. Role of various DM institutions in India
16. The significance of DM Acts
17. Global Warming and Climate Change
18. Climate change Adaptation Challenges and measures
19. Role of Civil Engineers in Disaster Mitigation and Management
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6 28.11.2022 to 02.12.2022 Workshop on Geospatial Technologies The objectives with which the workshop was organized are are:-
1. To impart knowledge about recent trends in Geospatial Technology and its importance towards development of our Country
2. To understand the applications of Geospatial Technology and how it contributes to the benefit of the Society
3. To provide an introduction to open source software and Hands on Training in QGIS Software
The workshop comprised of the following theoretical and Laboratory Sessions:
1. Introduction to spatial awareness and Geospatial technology
2. Basics of Remote Sensing
3. Lab: Downloading Spatial Data
4. Lab: Getting Started with QGIS
5. Mapping Sciences / Cartography
6. Basics of GIS
7. Lab: Georeferencing in QGIS
8. Lab: Digitization in QGIS
9. Spatial Database Management
10. Global Navigation Satellite System
11. Lab: Working with Attribute Table in QGIS
12. Lab: Symbolisation in QGIS
13. Applications of UAV in Geospatial Technology
14. Location Intelligence
15. Lab: Raster Operations in QGIS
16. Lab: Overlay Analysis in QGIS
17. Geospatial Technology in Watershed Management
18. Applications of GIS in Land Degradation
19. Lab: Proximity Analysis in QGIS
20. Lab: Map Making using QGIS
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7 Hands-on Training on Scientific Farming Techniques for Farmers in sheep / Goat, Pig and Rabbit The objectives of the programme was:-
1. To create awareness about the scientific rearing of Sheep / Goat, Pig and Rabbit
2. To develop self confidence among rural people in rearing profitable farm enterprise
3. To encourage farmers in adopting scientific farming practices.
The hands-on training comprised the following areas of Scientific Farming:
1. Breeds and breeding management of Sheep & Goat farming
2. General & Disease Management of Sheep / Goat husbandry
3. Economics and marketing management of Sheep and Goat farming
4. Practical Training
5. Breeds and breeding management of Pig Husbandry
6. General & Disease Management of Pig husbandry
7. Economics and marketing management of Pig farming
8. Practical Training
9. Breeds and breeding management of Rabbit farming
10. General & Disease Management of Rabbit husbandry
11. Economics and marketing management of Rabbit farming
12. Practical Training
Coming Soon
8 19.12.2022 to 23.12.2022 Modern Tools and Techniques for Sustainable Water Resource Management with special reference to Tamil Nadu Water Management Programmes The objectives of organizing the workshop was:-
1. To create an awareness on Water Resources Status of India with reference to Tamil Nadu
2. To understand the Water Resources issues and its impact on various sectorial usage in Tamil Nadu
3. To transfer Science and Technological knowledge to the Trainees to overcome Water Resources issues.
4. To encourage the Trainees towards adopting Sustainable Water Management practices.
The workshop covered the following areas of water resources management:
1. Water Resources Management – An Introduction
2. Groundwater Resources Assessment
3. Hydro-metrological Studies (Floods and Droughts).
4. Water harvesting structures and Community Action Plan for Water Management Activities
5. Role of Youth in water management practices
6. Geo-Chemistry Laboratory work - Familiarising with lab instruments – Geo-chemistry lab
7. Groundwater targeting using modern tools and techniques – Field Survey
8. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Water Management Practices- RS&GIS Lab
9. Action Plan Preparation for Water Management Practices
10. Group Discussion
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9 10.01.2023 – 11.01.2023 International Conference on Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility in association with WCC 1. Learning experience and exchange of knowledge / research ideas
2. Interdisciplinary discussions to provide solutions to the current environmental problems
3. Enlighten the participants on new and alternative technologies to reduce global carbon footprint and minimise our reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful practices
4. To create awareness on the importance of Bioremediation for Environmental Sustainability.
Coming Soon
10 28.02.2023 Chennai Science Festival Science Festival, Science Exhibition Click here for Photos
11 28.02.2023 Best Science Teacher Award Eight Science Teachers from Government and Government Aided Schools were identified through a selection committee and honored with the Best Science Teacher Award. Click here for Photos
12 02.03.2023 Research Day Event 2023 in association with Government Arts College, Nandanam All about Research methodologies and opportunities Coming Soon
13 23.03.2023 Integrated Approach of Women Entrepreneurs in Digital and Bio Sciences Era 1. Awareness on entrepreneur skills in the field of information and biotechnology
2. Awareness about avenues in building entrepreneurial ideas
3. Business environment and strategies for implementation of entrepreneurial ideas.
Coming Soon
14 06.03.2023 Bio-based Entrepreneurship and IPR 1. Promote Bio entrepreneurship among young girls
2. To produce value addition products from waste
Coming Soon
15 June – July One Month Summer Training Progamme in Physics in association with the Department of Material Science, University of Madras 1. In order to create interest among First Year M.Sc., Students in Physics to take up research and pursue a career in Science Coming Soon
16 June – July One month Summer Training Progamme in Biology in association with the Department of Zoology, University of Madras 2. In order to create interest among First Year M.Sc., Students in Life Sciences to take up research and pursue a career in Science Coming Soon
17 June – July One month Summer Training Progamme in Chemistry in association with the Department of Chemistry, Anna 1. In order to create interest among First Year M.Sc., Students Mathematics to take up research and pursue a career in Basic Science Coming Soon
18 June – July One month Summer Training Progamme in Chemistry in association with the Department of Chemistry, Anna 2. In order to create interest among First Year M.Sc., Students in Chemistry to take up research and pursue a career in Science Coming Soon
19 30.08.2023 to 01.09.2023 Participants of the seminar on “Integrated Water Resource Development: A March towards Sustainable Water Management Issues, Challenges and Practices “ organised by Science City from 30.08.2023 to 01.09.2023, for Post Graduate students and Research Scholars Click here for Photos

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